Unfortunately, little old New Zealand lacks infrastructure to produce plant based food and beverages. Funny that. The fact we’ve been such a good dairy producing country hinders a plant based brand such as Otis when it comes to looking for clean, non-dairy infrastructure to produce world leading products.

We decided this was our mission to change; to open up that pipeline to other start up brands, to access a facility that could produce at scale, kiwi grown and made plant based goods and export them to the world. Introducing The Plant Plant, New Zealand’s first purpose-built dairy alternatives factory, and capable initially of producing 25 million litres of plant based milk for export, with options to include plant based ice creams, creams, flavoured m!lks and yoghurts too.

Doing it right takes a bit of time, so in the meantime we have partnered with some lovely people over in Sweden (who just so happen to be ex-Oatly) and have over 50 years experience producing oat based products. They are – in the short term – helping us produce our 1L boxes on exactly the same machinery The Plant Plant will have. This also helps us to train our staff on the machinery and help us figure out exactly the scope for our Plant Plant back in New Zealand.

We should point out that we are positively offsetting all our shipping carbon emissions by 120% in the meantime. As soon as The Plant Plant is ready you’ll be the first to know!